Eddie Ray - Leader of the Resistance

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The Breakout at The Mill

The Mill, 154 Angas St, Adelaide, SA, 5000

Entrance to The Mill during Adelaide Fringe is via our Angas Street Exhibition Space.

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Coarse Language:

Occasional, Mild

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Smoke Effects

Scaled eddie ray   hero

About this event

iPhone Addictions Meet Sci-Fi Predictions!

The year is 2020 - the human race is almost completely extinct, robots now rule Earth, controlling our every move. One man was too lazy to ever catch up with technology, could he be our only hope? Could he be the one to accidentally start the resistance?

The show is the story of one man's reluctant journey to adopt 21st century technology - reminiscing about a childhood of growing up in the '90s, this musical comedy weaves funky grooves, slipping in and out of genres with hilarious tales about our constant obsession with technology today and how useless we are without it. Through a series of precise predictions from The Terminator Trilogy this show is part cabaret, part action movie adventure.

Presented by:
Eddie Ray

Eddie delivers a mixture of stories, music and observations, served up on a bed of groove. Eddie is a musician, comedian, story teller who has spent his life quietly observing the idiosyncrasies of this world. Eddie is full of life experience and heart, and it comes through on stage. Eddie Ray is a new voice in story telling, challenging paradigms and quietly raging against the machine.