A small bowl of teaspoons on the left, a large bowl of multi-coloured salmon roe.

Eating Tomorrow

• Theatre
South Australia • World Premiere
Have you ever wondered what the future might look like? Feel like? Taste like?

Eating Tomorrow is a back-to-the-future time travel experiment, immersing audiences in prospective scenarios of what our food systems, customs and behaviours might become in the next fifty years.

Strap yourselves in as performers lead you through the progressive narrative of Eating Tomorrow: a brand new cross-disciplinary multi-sensory theatre work devised by the Post Dining collective. Expect to be immersed in imaginary worlds; see, smell, touch and taste what the future might have in store.

Presented by: Post Dining

We are a creative production company using food as a tool to connect with audiences. Our immersive experiences go straight to the gut, transforming hearts and opening minds.

Post Dining is a team of sustainability-minded leading edge eating and experience designers, artists and performers. We pioneer new forms of entertainment and education that challenge and engage all the senses.

Our mission is to disrupt and reimagine the relationship between people, food, environment and culture. Our immersive, place-based designs communicate with audiences through memorable and thought-provoking interactive eating experiences.

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  • Emotional roller-coaster 2
  • Standing ovation 4
  • Bang for your buck 2
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