Dusty Feet Mob - Dusty Feet Mob dancers performing on country

Dusty Feet Mob

• Contemporary
South Australia

Young Aboriginal performers use the power of song and dance to tell stories of the Stolen Generation and help heal the pain of the past.

Dusty Feet Mob are more than just an Aboriginal dance group. They are both Contemporary and Traditional. They are a community that nurtures strength, confidence, and dignity. They build connections to their culture, community, and country. They know that storytelling through dance and song is their culture. Join Dusty Feet Mob for this special cultural experience.

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Presented by: Dusty Feet Mob and Lewis Major

Dusty Feet Mob is an Aboriginal dance group from Port Augusta, South Australia aged between six and thirty-one years. Dusty Feet Mob is more than just a dance group. They are a community that nurtures strength, confidence, and dignity. Through their performances, they promote healing and carry on the legacy of the story of the stolen generations for both the current and future generations.

An essential make-up of Dusty Feet Mob is the strong support provided by parents, grandparents and mentors who take seriously the role of passing cultural knowledge, language and stories down to the younger generations. As a group, through song and dance in a contemporary setting, they pass on stories to the wider community of Aboriginal culture – the oldest living culture in the world.