The logo for Dusk: A Bite-Size Love Story, a Twilight parody musical, featuring a stylized font and a vampire's mouth with a starry background.
A vampire husband and wife embrace each other, gazing at the audience.
A family of vampires on stage at the end of a song, backed by a projector screen showing a home setting.

Dusk: A Bite-Size Love Story

Film and Digital • Musical theatre
International • Australian Premiere

Edinburgh Fringe sell-out and viral TikTok sensation appears at Adelaide Fringe in a brand new format.

With the constant goals of achieving innovative storytelling and creating a more accessible theatre landscape, Wishbone Media presents Dusk in a special filmed performance that blends live theatre with camp-style editing.

Enjoy the ultimate meme with this on-demand performance of Dusk, which promises to deliver the iconic moments of Twilight reimagined as you've never seen them before.  

This original Twilight parody musical, recounts the delicate start to Edwin and Bia's immortal teenage romance. Audiences can expect baseball, brooding, sparkles, and much more!

Whether you love, hate, or love to hate Twilight, Dusk has something for you!

Presented by: Wishbone Media, LLC

Wishbone Media serves as a platform for creators of all backgrounds to explore creative storytelling and share their original works. Created by Morgan Kennedy and Daniel Ruffing to produce their viral Twilight parody musical "Dusk: A Bite-Size Love Story," the team at Wishbone aims to foster a collaborative and empowering environment for other artists to bring their new projects for further development and exposure.