a male performer stands with hands in air of submission with female standing atop his head on one leg


This dance-infused acrobatic circus performance is an eloquent, subtly layered feat of artful invention from Taiwan's premiere acrobatic company: two agile performers who imbue their extreme technical prowess with subtlety and feeling. The ever-changing shifts, twists and turns of a faltering relationship are expressed with seamless physical grace and strength, loaded with tender, emotional vulnerability.

Whether lifting each other up or bringing each other down, ultimately everything this onstage couple have to 'say' is in their bodies.

“DUO is a must-see for fans of this genre, revealing the physical limits of the dancers in a series of acrobatic and artistic moves.” — La Provence

"A convergence between dance and circus, it opens up a new perspective for double acrobatics.” — La Terrasse

Taiwan • Australian Premiere

Wed, 28 Feb - Sat, 16 Mar

50 min

Main Theatre at Adelaide College of the Arts

$15 to $45

G (1 Warning)

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