Dubious Intent - Michael stands next to Jesse who is sitting. Michael is looking at Jesse intesly who is looking away, avoiding eyecontact.

Dubious Intent

Have you ever had a platonic friendship that plays out like a romantic relationship?


Michael and Jesse book a study room every week to work with the intention of on day becoming successful writers. Their storied friendship has been fading, but is held together by a shared promise. A promise which one of them has intentions to break. When your only means of communicating is contention, hard truths and heart-to-hearts can be dubious.


'Dubious Intent' explores our intense friendships that induce anxiety and feel as though one wrong move could end it abruptly - and what to do when the spark is gone. It is written and directed by Callum O’Mara who studied at WAAPA and the Howard Fine Studio, it is the first original production from the Lonely Heart Theatre Company. 


Theatre and Physical Theatre • Drama
Victoria • SA Premiere

Sat, 09 Mar - Mon, 11 Mar

60 min

The Garage International @ Adelaide Town Hall

$27 to $32

PG (1 Warning)

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