Three drag queens stand around a game show buzzer.
Three drag queens, two covered in shaving cream holding razors and one with a menacing grin.
Two drag queens battle with oversized mascara wands.

Drag Show The Game Show

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It’s the Drag Show that’s also a Game Show!

Experience the only game show that takes YOU to the depths of the debauched world of drag! Join your drag mothers (The Beastie Girls) in a battle for supremacy over your rival house in rapid fire rounds of wit, wonder and what the F**K.  You’ll compete in a variety of challenges to see which house mother shall reign supreme!

Hold onto your bi-curious boyfriends Adelaide, they’re back! Melbourne’s answer to ‘What if the Spice Girls but bogan?’: Zelda Moon, Benign Girl and Lazy Susan. An unmissable night of fun and the non-cringey type of audience interaction.

“bitchy and unquotable in a family publication." The Advertiser, 2022

Presented by: The Beastie Girls

From their raucous beginnings in early 2017, The Beastie Girls have brought to life a full spectrum of Drag that some have deemed “complete chaos.” From the dazzling highs to the gutter trash lows, none have made a reputation of being deluded, mediocre hacks quite like these women.

In recent times The Beastie girls joined Troye Sivan in his ‘Easy’ music video, hosted the Midsumma Carnival 2020 T-Dance afterparty, were featured in a Spotlight campaign, a MECCA campaign, and attended & performed at the NGV Gala 2019.

In 2019 the Girls made their debut entry to the Australian Fringe circuit with their live show - Drag Show The Game Show. In 2022 the girls brought the show to Adelaide for the first time in The Garden Of Unearthly Delights, followed by a sold out run at MICF!