Dr Selflove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love My Thighs

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Unfortunately, growing up happens to everyone. Along the way, some things stick with us; a comment from someone you thought you knew, or an attitude towards an object that you love. How do these things shape us? A show which poses more questions than it answers, explore vulnerability, change and strength from a female perspective with Dr Selflove.

"A natural storyteller; passionate, raw and in explicit detail" The Advertiser.
"Desmond's stage presence is at once casual and controlled" Collage Adelaide.
"Unique and commanding, in the most delicate of ways" The AU Review.
"Honest, brave and thought provoking" Great Scott!

WINNER Stamptown Theatre Award 2017

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Big Mood™

Big Mood™ is a production and management company working to highlight brilliant theatre, music and visual art shows on a world stage. Working across Adelaide, Melbourne, Edinburgh and country Australia, Big Mood™ are passionate about fostering emerging performance and visual art work in challenging spaces, and extending the reach of these works to make an increased impact.

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