A group of women are posed together in a line wearing grunge punk outfits and high heels
four performers are positioned together on a grunge warehouse background. One is wearing black lingerie holding a whip, one is holding a microphone and singing, one is posing with feather fans in leopard print lingerie and the last one is wearing a zebra print cowboy outfit.
three performers appear posing in front of a grunge warehouse background. one kneels in a lunge position holding up a stick of sage, the center one sits with her legs open wearing a flame printed outfit, and the last one is standing up wearing a black harness buckle dress.

Down with the Thickness

Growing up in the performance world without the industry’s desired ‘look’ is a whirlwind of rejection, self criticism, and endless desire to quit. These creatives have fought to pursue their passion in spite of it all, and they’re here to share their creative artistry in the hope of inspiring others to do the same.

After a sold out Cabaret Fringe Festival debut, these unapolagetic punk rock powerhouses are back by popular demand to empower, liberate & showcase their talent. Who says that thick bodies can’t love themselves & deserve to feel hot too? Most definetely not us!

This cast are hair flicking, heel banging, booty shaking & rule breaking; to an edgy grunge & metal soundtrack. Celebrating inclusion, diversity & body positivity through performance art, one cabaret at a time.

Cabaret • Variety
Australia • Adelaide Fringe Premiere

Sun, 25 Feb - Sun, 17 Mar

60 min

High Spirits Bar

$37 to $49

R18+ (5 Warnings)

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IMPORTANT: This event has had a CHANGE OF VENUE from **Hades Hula House** to **High Spirits Bar** (20 Gilbert Pl, Adelaide), since the guide has gone to print.