Two brightly coloured drag queens are smiling and posing to camera with pink background.
Two queens stand in front of a blue background with their hands over their faces as if to block cameras.
Two drag queens stand back to back on a pink background. They are both brightly coloured in orange and black clothing.

Dolly Diamond and Tash York : Attention Seekers

Victoria • SA Premiere

Two great friends, with two of the greatest egos. Each desperate for the limelight and each willing to do almost anything for attention.

In this no holds barred quest for success Dolly Diamond and Tash York take you through the trials and tribulations of what it’s like to hold the centre of attention. Except a mixture of feel good tunes, hilarious partly true stories and an offering of sage advice to others suffering their affliction.

Uplifting and hilarious, part Ted Talk and delusion, this award-winning cabaret duo will show why we all deserve attention …but they deserve it even more!


Presented by: Big Hair Productions

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