Taylor Nobes against a dark background holding a sign saying "F*CK"
Two dancers dressed in black against a red background in a strong pose
Taylor in a blue velvet suit looking intimidating. Sam is next to them in a suit looking shocked

DOES IT PLEASE YOU? - The Final Saga

Theatre and Physical Theatre • Theatre
South Australia

Award winning show "DOES IT PLEASE YOU?" by Taylor Nobes is back for 2022 Adelaide Fringe bigger and better than before. "DOES IT PLEASE YOU?" gaurantees a night of fast-paced entertainment with never a dull moment. With laugh out loud comedy, original songs, music and dance "DOES IT PLEASE YOU?" breaks the stigma surrounding mental health and creates conversation. Brought to life by a talented local cast - Taylor Nobes, Mikayla Rudd, Kate Burgess, Hanna Instrell - Walker and Samuel Lau. 

"A defiant war-cry against anyone and anything that makes you doubt your worth" 

"Hilarious, vulnerable, powerful and captivating" 

"DOES IT PLEASE YOU?" is an emotional rollercoaster, join us as we embrace the ugliness and beauty of being a human being in this f**cked up world. 


Presented by: Too Dumb Blondes

Too Dumb Blondes is an Adelaide-based theatre company created by young passionate local artists Taylor Nobes and Mikayla Rudd. We are focussed on creating and producing authentic and vulnerable theatre that breaks stereotypes and subverts peoples’ expectations by challenging stigmatised topics. We believe that the audience is paramount in any space and aim to create an atmosphere that gives the audience the power to think and feel freely.

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