Disney in Drag UP LATE: A Perverted Parody - A photo of a person's foot in a clear high heel. The text next to the image reads, ‘Disney’ in white calligraphy font and ‘In drag’ below in a red calligraphy font and ‘Up Late’ in a pink neon font.

Disney in Drag UP LATE: A Perverted Parody

Cabaret • Comedy
Western Australia • SA Premiere
From the gender-bending princes and princesses who brought you Disney in Drag comes another tantalising Tangle of late night frivolity. Join the #MajesticAF Hairy Godmothers on a magic carpet ride to Neverland with acts too hot for the early slot, more strangely arousing than Ursula's tentacles, and more wholesome family fun than cliff-diving into a stampede of wildebeest...

Too far? Well hold on to your pumpkins because nothing is sacred in this sh*t-show of debauchery, song, and improv fun. With a whole new suite of Poor Unfortunate characters to titillate your temperament. If you've ever wondered just How Far They'll Go, here's your chance to step through the Looking Glass and see what happens when Cinderella doesn't go home at midnight...

Important information:
This event takes place in an open-air venue within Gluttony. Unless it is deemed unsafe to do so, the show goes on, rain or shine, so please come prepared for the forecast weather. Umbrellas are not permitted during performances. Entrance to this venue is off Rundle Road & East Terrace via Gate C.

Presented by: The Hairy Godmothers

Formed in 2019, The Hairy Godmothers are a group of local Perth performers and creatives - men, women and every tiara and
fake-moustache-wearing blurred line in-between. From diverse backgrounds of lawyers, theatre managers, science presenters, actors, dancers, engineers, teachers and poets, THG is a powerhouse collective tackling provocative content with their own unique brand of humour, charm, and creativity.