Disco Wonderland - Dancing til Dawn


Can you feel it? Your heart is racing. You've made it behind the velvet rope of the most infamous discotheque in the world. Welcome to Disco Wonderland, a world where anything is possible, and the night has only just begun.

This immersive disco inferno is where you can experience Studio 54 right here, right now as headliners PAULINI and TIMOMATIC are backed by the hottest band in town, Er@ser Description, and a talented cast of performers to get the party started.

Featuring jaw-dropping choreography by Brendan Yeates (Hamilton, West Side Story, Matilda), Disco Wonderland transforms Adelaide's East End into a club where everyone is accepted, everyone is welcome, and where everyone has a whole lotta fun.

Enjoy the electrifying music of Michael Jackson, the Bee Gees, Earth, Wind and Fire, Sister Sledge, and Donna Summer performed by some of the most talented singers and dancers in the land (Mark Stefanoff, Philippa Lynas, Amelia Sanzo, Paulini and Timomatic) to get you out of your chair to dance the night away.

Welcome to the party.

Presented by: Andrew Kay and Release Creative

Release Creative is a boutique production company with a quest to redefine existing work and give life to new inspiring ideas. Using musical rigour and innovative direction to deliver imaginative concepts, Release Creative is determined to create work of the highest caliber. Inspired by local artists and community connection, Directors Zac and Ruth are admirers of art, design, literature and international raconteurs. Their obsession with simple yet thought-provoking ideas, weaves its way into each of Release Creative’s productions.

Release Creative is quickly becoming a jewel in South Australia's entertainment crown presenting over 100 performances in this year's Adelaide Fringe Festival including Disco Wonderland, 27 Club (at Gluttony) as well as their first curated venue, THE QUEENS, showcasing music, comedy and cabaret.

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