Bright pink and orange colours, a cartoon landscape with a t-rex in one corner and the words Dinosaur Time Machine written across the top
Two performers with a grey trunk between them. The performers are sitting and flailing their arms, while in the foreground out of focus you can see the arms of the audience members also flailing
Two performers, one is holding a puppet of a baby dinosaur

Dinosaur Time Machine

Buckle up and take a trip in a giant time machine to get up close and personal with a T-Rex.

Learn about the ancient world of dinosaurs in the most exciting way possible. Two adventurous performers use science, circus, puppetry and imagination to give you a glimpse into history that you won’t forget.

Dinosaur Time Machine incorporates up to date science and discoveries made about dinosaurs and the world that they lived in, and presents it in a fun and highly visual way, incorporating circus, puppetry, simple narrative and imaginative play in this unique educational theatre production.

 “It is educational, well done, and extremely entertaining” - Global Media

“the charm of Dinosaur Time Machine lies in its ability to convey through simple means how science works.” - Adelaide Advertiser

Kids and Family • Theatre

Tue, 09 Jul - Sun, 14 Jul

50 min

The Kingfisher at Glenelg Winter Arts Festival

$23 to $27


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