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Dickinson's Room

Theatre / Site Specific
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Born under the train tracks in New York City, Dickinson's Room is a site-specific theatrical experiment, dedicated to the mind and art of the poet Emily Dickinson. Performed by one actress, with a text comprised of Dickinson's poetry and scrap writings, the piece borders on physical theatre and dance, suspended between the realities of the poet's solitary life and the boundless universe of her imagination. It seeks to give dramatic form to the intrinsically un-dramatic: the spaces and silences from which great thoughts, and with them great words, proceed. We invite audiences to listen, watch the shadows fall, interact with Emily herself, and perhaps have their souls touched. Performed by Miranda McCauley / Directed by Charlotte Day / Adapted from the poetry and prose of Emily Dickinson

Presented by:
Bad Neighbour Theatre

Bad Neighbour Theatre is an experimental theatre company based in New York. We make work in English and Russian, drawing from classical and contemporary stimuli. We believe that theatre is about creating other worlds, about stretching ourselves and our audiences, about handcrafting from the ground up. We believe in eye contact, in hard work, in not letting go. In drawing performances out of the dregs of being, and taking our audiences with us.

Led by artistic directors Charlotte Day and Vyacheslav Firsov, Bad Neighbour has produced five shows in its first year of operation, featuring performers from around the globe. A previous incarnation of Dickinson's Room was presented at the 2017 Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

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Buckingham Arms Hotel - Fringe Lodge

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Balcony Rooms at Buckingham Arms Hotel - Fringe Lodge

1 Walkerville Tce, Gilberton, SA, 5081


Balcony Rooms at Buckingham Arms Hotel - Fringe Lodge

1 Walkerville Tce, Gilberton, SA, 5081

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