An Asian man looking sideways with wisps of smoke around him.
An Asian man playing with a streak of blue light.
An Asian man looking fforward.

Diary of a Magician

Step into the world of the magician, where fragments of life unveil through a mysterious diary. Join a mesmerizing adventure through mountains, seas, and the cosmos in search of creative sparks. Experience classical Chinese poetry fused with modern magic, witnessing centuries-old verses collide with contemporary art. 'Diary of a Magician' blends classic magic and sensational stunts for a spellbinding performance.

Magician Mu-Syuan Chang and his production team hail from the NTNU's Graduate Institute of Performing Arts.
His recent accolades include:

- YGAT Guangdong Magic Convention
• Best Creative Act Award

- 808 International Magic Convention
• Stage Contest Grand Prix

Witness his award-winning magic and creativity in action!

Magic • Physical Theatre
Taiwan • World Premiere

Tue, 27 Feb - Sat, 02 Mar

60 min

The Garage International @ Adelaide Town Hall

$10 to $30

G (1 Warning)

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