Demagogue - A black silhouette on a vivid red background depicting an iron statue of a man in olden day garb sitting on a large chair. The statue has been clearly sawed off at the head. The artwork features the title of the work 'Demagogue' along with the tagline 'nothing is older than the idea that this is new'.


Theatre and Physical Theatre • Drama
South Australia • World Premiere

In a world stripped of value, what can revolt signify?

Inside a university Dean's office, a modern power couple are summoned to discuss their daughter's punishment for an act of petty vandalism on school property. But when that act is alluded to instead be a case of political activism, the pair are forced to question their beliefs, their marriage, their role as parents, and even the very nature of revolt.

A new play by Safari Street Creative, 'Demagogue' is a fast-paced and unflinching social satire addressing human hypocrisy and how nothing is older than the idea that this is new.


"Safari Street Creative are bold & well equipped as serious theatre contenders."
- Stage Whispers

"Refreshingly honest & unpretentious..."
- Kryztoff RAW

Presented by: Safari Street Creative

Safari Street Creative is a South Australian-based independent theatre company fiercely focused on
telling fresh Australian stories in innovative ways. Operating over the last two years with a specific
focus on new local writing and site-specific performance, Safari Street aims to challenge audiences
with stories that disrupt entrenched cultural narratives and reflect modern-day intercultural Australia.
Described as 'refreshingly honest and unpretentious' (Kryztoff RAW) and having already gathered
excellent reviews and audience acclaim, Safari Street Creative is committed to continue pushing the
boundaries of modern theatre and ambitious artistic practices to give audiences works which are
dangerous, exhilarating and without ceremony.

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