Deaf Bridges - Half of Ben's face with his grey brown beard.  Ben is holding a glass of milk

Deaf Bridges

Ben bridges the gap between the Deaf and the hearing worlds through stories about his life growing up as a CODA (Child of a Deaf Adult) and now being a sign language interpreter.  His life is very similar to the movie CODA except he was never an American teenage girl with dreams of singing. Ben was a 2002 RAW comedy national finalist and back then did jokes about having a Deaf mum and knowing sign language, he now makes jokes about having a Deaf mum and being a sign language interpreter.  If you've ever wanted to become fluent in Auslan then this show is guaranteed to keep that dream alive.  Ben will teach you some Auslan and most of that will be swear words so you can show your boss what you have learnt.  The Deaf abides

Tasmania • Adelaide Fringe Premiere

Fri, 01 Mar - Sun, 03 Mar

60 min

Beer Garden at Lady Daly Hotel

$18 to $25

M (2 Warnings)

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