Dead Dads Club - A gravestone with the word Dad on it

Dead Dads Club

There's a club called the Dead Dads Club, you're not in it until you're in it. If you are, we're sorry you had to join the club. This show is comprised of multi-award winning acts, all of whom are members of said club. If you are not a member of the Dead Dads Club, just be aware that you are not really our target audience... yet. Also, if you were offended by that last line, you should be aware that it gets much worse, you've been warned. If you are a member of the D.D.C. you should know that seeing this show will not fill the void, nothing does... Did I mention it's a comedy show? If dark humour is your thing, then this show is for you. All comedians are damaged, this line-up has some of their damage in common.

South Australia

Fri, 01 Mar - Sun, 03 Mar

60 min

Basement Bar at Therapy Cocktail Bar

$30 to $35

R18+ (3 Warnings)

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