Dave has curly hair and a beard. He is wearing a blue stripy shirt. Dave is looking directly at the camera with a slight smile. The background is black.

Dave Woodhead - Blak And White

triple j's Dave Woodhead returns to the stage to share his unique perspective on growing up in Australia as a proud Torres Strait Islander man. While having the same skin colours of his very, very white mother.

Can Dave Woodhead heal a divided nation with his signature brand of laid-back musings, and hard-hitting punchlines? Probably not, but it'll be funny to watch him try!

Dave is the Lunch host on triple j, a writer and cast member on Black Comedy, Get Krackin' and a sketch performer on The Moth Effect.

“Watch this space. I suspect we are watching a future comedy stalwart.” The Advertiser

Comedy • Stand-up
SA Premiere

Fri, 16 Feb - Sat, 24 Feb

60 min

Hell's Kitchen at Rhino Room

$22 to $29

M (1 Warning)

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