Dare To Dream - A stylized purple butterfly on a white background with a treble clef body and wings using an inverted bass clef and a crotchet rest with the words "Onkaparinga Harmony Chorus" in aqua blue curved underneath.

Dare To Dream

Onkaparinga Harmony invites you to join us on an amazing musical journey exploring our favourite music from stage and screen. Get your ticket to come and hear well known songs in four-part harmony, as we explore the stories of different characters who dared to dream. 

After listening to the chorus sing at a recent event we recieved feedback from attendees including "I have been spontanously bursting into song all week, which has really lifted my spirits" "this choir has all the things I like rolled into one" and "hearing you sing was such a lovely way to escape life's worries".

Come along and let us entertain you as we "Dare to Dream". 



On site parking available Wheelchair accessible

Music • A cappella
South Australia • World Premiere

Sat, 16 Mar

60 min

Main Auditorium at Hallett Cove Uniting Church

$15 to $30


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