Damushi Ensemble African Drum n Beats

Music • World Music
We are Damushi Ensemble from Ghana! Come along and hear, power drum beats from Master drummers, healing melody's and groovy Reggae songs! We will have you up singing and dancing with our dancers.


Damushi is a high energy seven piece international band, we have been touring to Australia since 2005. We have recently performed in Adelaide Fringe 2016 and Pt Lincoln Tunarama Festival 2016, we consist of traditional drummers, guitarist, bassist, singers and cultural dancers. ALl of whom are a accomplised musician and performer in his or her own right. We will bring a high energy performance playing Afro Hilife, Afro beats a mix of songs. Also our drummers are second to none and will have the audience up and dancing or relaxing to the healing power of the cultural drumming.

Under 5 Free