Cypress Point - Cypress Point - a new comedy about golf

Cypress Point

When three men and one of their sons come together in an exclusive airline lounge before their golf trip of a lifetime, none could contemplate what an unforgettable experience this will become! A little too much money to spend, way too little homework done and gaslighting that could illuminate the Adelaide Hills, Cypress Point tells the story of how not to flirt with the water.

Perennial Fringe play write, Peter Maddern (Wilkins Trilogy *****, White Mouse *****, Kokoda **** etc) returns to comedy for this his 9th consecutive Fringe.

Hooking the drives, slicing into the bushes, and not giving putts are Adelaide theatre regulars Rick Mills, Nick Setchell and Robert Donnarumma, joined by up-and-coming local stars Ben Plummer and Jake Walder.  'Liv' golf like you have never lived it before.  

Theatre and Physical Theatre • Comedy
South Australia • World Premiere

Thu, 29 Feb - Sat, 16 Mar

60 min

Arts Theatre (+1 more)

$19.95 to $34.95


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