Two boys are holding an orange plate with one slice of birthday cake on it.  Both boys are wearing white sailor hats, one large fake eyelash, and have thin pencil mustaches.  The piece of cake has one lit birthday candle stuck into it.
The two creepy boys are holding a child sized doll with long black hair. Both boys are dressed in dark blue blazers (similar to a child's school uniform).  They both are wearing small red touques, and white gloves.  They both have red ties.

The doll has hair covering her face, is dressed in a white dress, and has grey skin.

The boy on the left (Grumms) has dark hair, and the boy on the right (Sam) has light brown hair.
The two creepy boys are dancing under red light, waving their hands.  Both boys are dressed in dark blue blazers (similar to a child's school uniform) and maroon corduroy shorts.  They both are wearing small red touques, and white gloves.  The boy on the left (Grumms) is facing the camera, and the boy on the right (Sam) is facing away from the camera.  In the background there is a wooden chair.  The stage is lit with red light.

Creepy Boys

Comedy • Theatre
Canada • SA Premiere

"We thought that we had seen everything and then we saw CREEPY BOYS" Young-Howze Theatre Journal

You're invited. 

Twin orphans, The Creepy Boys, are throwing their very first birthday party. It will have everything. Games. Gifts. Possibly Satan. Probably Cake.

Join these horny little boys as they do whatever it takes to make their birthday dreams come true (think "Oh, Hello" meets those twins from "The Shining", meets "My Super Sweet 16"). This is their perverted fantasy and today is the day they finally get everything they’ve ever wanted. 

From the creators of SOMETHING IN THE WATER (Winner - Best Theatre, Adelaide Fringe 2021) comes a bizarre new comedy with just a splash of the occult. 

“Fabulously unexpected” Orlando Sentinel 

Presented by: Scantily Glad Theatre

Scantily Glad Theatre is a queer theatre company from Treaty 6 Territory (that's the flat part of Canada). Our shows, "Something in the Water", "Creepy Boys" and "Pack Animals" have toured to festivals and stages around the world including the Edinburgh Fringe.

We create original theatre rooted in Pachinko clown, Lecoq Pedagogy, vaudeville, and object theatre. We seek to advance our influences into the contemporary moment so that we may better forge new theatrical languages, investigate political ideas, and serve underrepresented voices, through humor and absurdity.

After meeting and falling in love on the Canadian Fringe circuit, Sam Kruger & S.E. Grummett have teamed up to create “Creepy Boys”: a creepy-queer fantasy: a show that mashes together clown, drag, puppetry, and showtunes.

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