Corporate Social Irresponsibility

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2 Venues

The Brickroom at The Hindley

149 Hindley St, Adelaide, SA, 5000


Basement Level, 15-17 Featherstone Pl, Adelaide SA 5000, Australia

We're at the end of the alleyway

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Coarse Language:

Occasional, Mild

Sexual References:

Occasional, Mild

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About this event

The girl from Brighton, the guy from Bundaberg, Alex and Tess have some differing perspectives on the world. Lately however, they've bonded over deciding whether to save the world, or save for a house.

As they seem to be leaning towards the latter, they're hoping their keep-cups and commitment to like all of Leo Dicaprio's insta posts, are cancelling out their careers in the corporate worlds somewhat less sought-after industries.

In their debut show, Alex and Tess offer a perspective on tackling the trials and tribulations that is climbing the corporate and social ladders of your 20s and 30s, while trying to keep it real.

This brand new hour of satire and self-deprecation will leave you laughing at the hypocrisies of the everyday... while maybe triggering your own quarter life crisis.

Presented by:
Alex Keen & Tess Birch

Alex Keen and Tess Birch are two of Melbourne's funniest ageing Millennials on the scene, who definitely aren't staring down the barrel of a quarter life crisis.

Society says they should really be focusing on their careers, but instead they're travelling the country telling jokes, no commitment issues to see here!

When they're not caught up in the corporate rat race, you can catch Alex and Tess on stage at comedy rooms all around Melbourne.

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