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Scaled conversession
These aren't just concert performances. They're mostly gig, and part conversation. Hence the name. What you'll be coming to is a musical get-to-know-us experience. Each session will have singing, interaction, standing-around-chatting, imbibing, and each one will be completely different. Come and share a drink with The Idea of North after the singing bit is over (not literally, everyone will have their own glass). There will be a whole raft of music Adelaide hasn't yet heard, performed by Australia's best-loved a cappella quintet, featuring the super-human mouth drumming talents of Kai Kitamura, all the way from Tokyo.

"Audiences have been treated to the vocal play of world-class a cappella outfit The Idea of North on many occasions over the years, but never quite like this" The Advertiser.

Presented by:
The Idea of North

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Main Theatre at Goodwood Institute Theatre

166 Goodwood Rd, Goodwood, SA, 5034