Conversations in Colour - In a studio space a number of brightly coloured abstract paintings sit on the floor, leading against the white wall. A white chair faces the largest canvas which is black white and yellow

Conversations in Colour

• Visual art
South Australia • Australian Premiere

Conversations in Colour is merely trying to point towards the brilliance of nature.
Extending on their 2016 joint show at The Mill, Gabriel Cole and Lucas Croall have built a series of paintings that embody the tendency in nature to communicate through colour and pattern. Warnings and welcomes abound in the colour and pattern of our natural world as a silent conversation stretching back millions and potentially billions of years. It is the story of evolution.
Conversations in Colour seeks to build a connection in your mind between the world we (humans) build – culture, art, technology – above the world that grows beneath, above, and despite us.

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