Connected - The Rock Musical

Theatre and Physical Theatre • Musical Theatre
SA Premiere

Bi-annually Platform commissions a new work penned by artists in the Academy with mentors. Teaching students all the production skills like song-writing, script-writing, producing, marketing, set design & construction, make-up, hair, and costumes. The other year we produce an already established musical.

'Connected - the Rock Musical' is this year's production. 'Connected' is a professional rock musical about four teenagers and their friends, caught in a situation they can't control, as their online lives have real-world consequences. 'Connected' demonstrates how easily cyber activities can get out of hand and illuminate the potentially disastrous consequences. The students' attention is held by an energetic, fast-paced narrative and an edgy contemporary musical soundtrack.

Book, Music & Lyrics by Craig Christie by Arrangement with Origin Theatrical

Presented by: Platform Academy

Platform Academy was founded in 2013, by the highly acclaimed teacher and performer, Kim Spargo, to develop a unique interdisciplinary and collaborative program to expand the opportunities and experience of emerging artists in Adelaide. Since then Platform has gone from strength to strength establishing annual involvement in Adelaide’s Fringe Festival, workshops with Industry professionals, high-level courses in Audition Preparation & Music Industry, Music Theatre Classes, Individual lessons in vocals, dance, drama, stagecraft, song-writing, theory and full-scale stage productions and performances. The Project is open to all (ages 8 - 25yrs) who want to get on stage and learn to combine all the skills it takes be a performing artist!!! Fringe 2017 - Walter Ego's! Fringe 2019 - Connected!

PLEASE NOTE: The duration of this performance is 75 minutes not 60 minutes as previously advertised. The performance on Saturday 9th March will also be starting at 1.30pm not 2pm as previously advertised.