Connect - Create - Thrive... - Two artists standing side by side, one artist has their arm wrapped around the shoulder of the other. Both Artists have big, proud smiles upon their faces. There is a view of the murray river in the far background with a backyard with rose bushes in their immediate background.

Connect - Create - Thrive...

Creating good vibes, through the use of music, image and movement. This event represents our individual and collective perspectives on social, cultural and environmental impacts. Bringing performers and audiences together to explore obstacles that they face, living in a small regional community. Interactive and immersive fun for all. 

Light refreshments will be available to purchase at the venue.

Saturday 9th March will be a part of the Loxton Family Fun Day at the Historical Village. Tickets are not needed to attend this session.

Events • Performance art
South Australia • SA Premiere

Sat, 09 Mar - Sat, 16 Mar

60 min to 4 hr

Institute Hall at Loxton Historical Village

FREE - $10


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