Peter Berner – Compassion Pie

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2 Venues

Vintage Cellar at Seppeltsfield Barossa

730 Seppeltsfield Road, Seppeltsfield SA, Australia

Vintage Cellar

Hell's Kitchen at Rhino Room

131 Pirie St, Adelaide, SA, 5000

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About this event

Everyday something is reported we have to care about. The questions gets asked, “How much do you care?” Be honest, aren’t you feeling a little worn out from all this caring? Fatigued? Are the demands on your empathy taking an emotional toll? If you think it might be time to work out how to allocate your compassion effectively then this show might be exactly what you need...

Presented by:
Peter Berner

Since 1980 Pete has been a uni student (briefly), unemployed (occasionally), petrol station attendant (part time), newspaper copyboy (because his parents told him to get a job), advertising executive, cadet auctioneer, banana picker, barman, advertising executive (again), stand up comic, tv presenter, writer, radio host, cartoonist, painter...

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