Cropped image, females feet on back of male who is covered in ochre.
2 acrobats, 1 catching the other in mid-air.
Female mid-air, appears to be jumping on a man.

Common Dissonance

Circus • Contemporary
Victoria • Adelaide Fringe Premiere


In today's world where it is common to believe in both spirituality and science – how can we navigate the complex dialogues that consume our culture?

'Common Dissonance' is a contemporary circus work depicting the struggle between traditional and modern modes of reasoning. Featuring two performers with shared and distinctly individual experiences, this work aims not only to explore the harmony and conflict of contemporary Australian reasoning, but to find a Common Dissonance.

 “A beautiful, insightful, and meaningful dance/circus show and I have to say it is one of the few truly cohesively conceived and produced works I have seen in a while now. I will be surprised if this does not travel the world. ★★★★★ " - Samsara Dunston, What Did She Think                                 

Presented by: Na Djinang Circus

Na Djinang Circus is a Melbourne based circus company working with diverse young artists to share unique insight with the next generation's Hands & Feet.

Founded by Waka Waka man Harley Mann, Na Djinang Circus aims to develop work that utilises the next generation's social and political attitudes and create work to challenge our own perceived ideas about contemporary Australian society. With our work we hope to explore novel ways of presenting circus that is accessible for both frequent circus audiences and all members of the community.

Na Djinang Circus is known for being a First Nations led company and the directorial style of our work imbues traditional and contemporary styles of performance with stories, images, and qualities of indigenous performance, rituals, and iconography.

Reviews & Fringefeed Reacts

  • Mind-blowing 1
  • Common Dissonance is a beautifully constructed contemporary circus show demonstrating the differences on how we think and problem solve - Anastasia Lambis, Hi Fi Way

  • a versatile circus and dance production that is simultaneously playful and tear-jerking, - Anisha Pillarisetty, On the Record

  • In Common Dissonance, discussions of how we live and think are transformed from abstract concepts to heart-pumping, flesh-and-bone reality. - Megan Koch, Arts Hub

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