Come & Try Breathwork - A Ceremony of Breath - crystal singing bowls, with people lying down in the meditation part of a breathwork session

Come & Try Breathwork - A Ceremony of Breath

Come and try a new way to access the subconsious mind through your breath with our 'Ceremony of Breath'.

Explore your own unique connection to the divine through conscious & connected breathing and how these tools can play a vital role in improving your mental health, deepening your connection to the energetic-body and opening the mind up to enlightened states of consciousness.

Join Tiffany & Fernando as they take you through the science and the practical application of breathwork where they invite you into the ceremony of sacred breath. Infusing spiritual essence and ritual with the breath and reminding you to take some time for yourself and be present with your body thus helping you enter a deeper state of relaxation and developing a strong mind-body connection.

Things to bring: -Yoga Mat -Water Bottle -Blanket (if possible) -Something to cover your eyes (if Possible) -An Open Mind

Workshops & Talks • Workshop
South Australia • World Premiere

Sun, 18 Feb - Sun, 17 Mar

120 min

Studio at Breathe Stretch Float (+2 more)


M (2 Warnings)

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