Club Curious - A surrealist image in a sketch style, on a white background. A cucumber with a large eye in its centre and wearing a top hat sits at the bottom of the image. There are several slices of cucumber scattered around its base. Standing on top of the cucumber are two zebras. A large glass with liquid in it is at the centre of the composition - the rim of the glass has a slice of cucumber wearing a crown. At the bottom left of the glass is a large bunch of red roses. Around the glass in the negative space are several women in Victorian-style bathing suits holding glasses of liquids, and several orange butterflies.

Club Curious

Curious to join the Club? If you don't have a ticket to a Gluttony show or a Hendrick’s Gin Trail Cool Towel this ticket will get you into the exclusive Club Curious for the night. Drinks, tunes, late night fun and games.

Your ticket will allow entry to Club Curious on the date of your ticket only. You may enter at any time during the opening hours - you do not have to enter at the 'start time' on your ticket. No drinks are included in the ticket price.

Eat and Drink • Event
South Australia

Sat, 17 Feb - Sat, 16 Mar

3 hr 30 min to 4 hr

Club Curious at Gluttony - Rymill Park

$10 to $15


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