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Cirque Africa Big Top

Hindmarsh Sq / Mukata, Adelaide, SA, 5000

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Scaled cirque africa main

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'Cirque Africa' is one of a kind show that is sure to amaze and enthrall all who see it. A 100% African, 100% energy, 100% cultural experience for the entire family. 'Cirque Africa' is a vibrant and highly entertaining blockbuster production which transports the audience to the positive side of Africa through a modern stage performance. 'Cirque Africa' features the world-renowned African troupe, consisting of 25 performing artists from 6 African countries including acrobats, dancers, percussionist, musicians, and contortionists. Performing a 60-minute awe-inspiring show, draped with stunning colorful African costumes. High energy knuckle-biting acrobatic acts, humorous comedy. Original traditional and modern composed music for each act, plus vibrant dance routines. 

For a discounted bargain price watch both 'Cirque Africa' programs in one 110 minute show at Hopgood Theatre.

Please note: The performance on March 15th at 6:30pm has been cancelled & a new performance at 12:30pm has been added.

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