Chopin's Last Tour

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The Garage International @ Adelaide Town Hall

Adelaide Town Hall, 128 King William St, Entry via Pirie St or Flinders St laneways, Adelaide, SA, 5000

Please enter via the laneway on Pirie Street or next to the Pilgrim Church on Flinders Street. Our venue is an independent structure located in the back of the main Town Hall building. It is not easily accesible from King William Street. Posters on A-Frames are on Pirie and Flinders Streets to guide you.

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Chopin's last Tour is set in Scotland, in October 1848, one year before he dies. It is not the happiest time in his life. He knows that he is dying, his relationship with George Sand has ended dramatically, his father died 4 years earlier and he doesn't enjoy his present company or circumstances.
It is the story of his life through his music and his feelings.
It is an attempt to humanise the genius, to give the audience an insight into the type of person he was. The play explains his upbringing, family, importance of Poland, his friendships and lovers, his battle with illness, conflicts and trials. An insight into the type of life he led.
Live piano played by Phil Aughey. The pieces have been chosen to represent the different sections of his life.
Rave reviews in Edinburgh.

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Anvil Creek Theatre & The Garage International

When I was 4, I was watching TV. My foot was keeping beat to the music. My mother saw this and declared to my father, "This boy is musical. He will learn the piano."
At 9 I had my first piano lesson. My family lived on a rice farm about 22 miles west of Griifith.
As we didn't have a piano at home, my mother used to drive 8 miles, in all conditions to take me to the Warrawidgee Community Hall where there was a piano for me to practice on. This hall was set “somewhere in the middle of nowhere”, made of corregated iron, thus it was very hot in summer. Fortunately I did enjoy learning and now playing the piano.
My bent has always been towards classical music. By far my favourite composer is Chopin. Why? Briefly- he wrote beautiful melodies and his composing style is so perfect.

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