Children of an Idle Brain

Theatre and Physical Theatre • Performance
Victoria • World Premiere
Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet collides with a contemporary perspective, casting a new light on plot and characters. In a world where gender, sexuality, power inequity and identity are complex and contested ideas, the characters of Romeo and Juliet navigate love, lust, and hate through a comic-tragic theatre piece featuring original songs and music

Presented by: Scrambled Prince Theatre Company

Scrambled Prince is an innovative touring youth theatre group founded in 1996 at Eltham High School in Melbourne. Together with our enthusiastic Junior Ensemble, Scrambled Eggs, we have played in numerous Adelaide and Melbourne Fringe Festivals and toured rural Victoria extensively. We also provides an artistic umbrella for individual students to explore themes and create shows. We are known for our exploratory, edgy and innovative theatre, and improvisation is part of our heart and soul.