CHARLIE & THE BIN CHICKEN - Three kids. They all have cartoon bodies. One is wearing a hat pushing a bin. One has the bin as a body, with a bin chicken sitting on its head. The final one has the body of a bin chicken. The trio stands on green grass. With a blue background.


Charlie & the Bin Chicken is quite possibly the silliest kids show at Adelaide Fringe this year! Catch Charlie and the gang as they try to battle against these long legged legends to avoid unimaginable…BIN CHICKEN WORLD DOMINATION. But have they misjudged this infamous Aussie bird? Should it actually be our Aussie Icon, a YouTuber, principal of the school, or perhaps even the prime minister of Australia? Do these schools have the chops? You’ll have to see it with your own IBIS…You won’t want to miss this!


★★★★★ "Suitable for all ages, this is one kids show that the parents will enjoy just as much as the target demographic." - Fring Feed, 2023

Kids and Family • Comedy
Queensland • World Premiere

Sat, 17 Feb - Sun, 25 Feb

60 min

The Lark at Gluttony - Rymill Park

$16 to $25


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