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Chansons: Piaf, Brel & Me- Musical Cabaret about France

Cabaret • Musical theatre
Germany • SA Premiere

Bienvenue to Chansons, the musical cabaret journey through life. ‘Soul-touching’ stories performed in ‘brilliant showmanship’ about life and passion, from Ne me quitte pas (Brel) to Milord (Piaf). Reflect life the French way. Created by the multiple award-winning musical theatre actress & singer Stefanie Rummel. Spoken in English, and sung in French, English this show makes you travel beyond borders. Accompanied by pianists such as Bogdan Pieleanu, Bob Egan, Tom Schlueter. Chansons inspires our own lives by looking at other cultures. As seen in theatres and cabarets in France, Germany, Iceland, Finland, Uk, US.


‘Great chansons... passionate feelings’ (Rheingauer Echo)

‘Rummel’s voice is outstanding… real moments of joie de vivre’ ★★★★ (

‘Fascinating’ ★★★★ (


Audiences reactions: 

'Merci beaucoup. J'ai cru d'être en France pendant une heure. Magnifique!'
'Thank you very much. I thought I was in France for an hour. Magnificent!' - Manny

"A wonderful evening. Formidable.Thank you. I will tell my friends.' - Karen

'Merci pour la musique en particulier pour les Feuilles Mortes!' - Cathy

'A wonderful experience in French in Australia for an Austrian.' / 'Eine wunderbare Erfahrung in French in Australien für einen Österreicher.' - Johannes

'Bravo! Encore!' - Jean-Marc

'It was a wonderful show especially the song Amsterdam which I enjoyed very much.' - Loucas

At the Edinburgh Fringe I received the following feedback of my audience on the Fringe website: 

This was such a beautifully unexpected pleasure. My friend had an extra ticket and invited me along to a show I wouldn't have attended otherwise. From the minute the lights went down, Stefanie Rummel created an atmosphere so moving, so nostalgic and electric, we were all spellbound. Not many performers make me cry, or smile through those tears, ( I hate feeling like I am being manipulated, and no, I did NOT cry at Love Story) but this show was exquisitely masterful and genuine . Go see it. Take some tissues. You didn't know you wanted to see a cabaret show - but you did.'The best way to visit France is through its songs!'  Barbara Gruber 


Here are some more press reactions about my show: 

'Rummel’s voice is outstanding: it moves from delicate, lingering notes (in a superb cover of Autumn Leaves) to real moments of joie de vivre in Rummel’s take on the Piaf classic, L’Accordeoniste.' – The Reviews Hub - Helen Tope 4 Star Review **** 

'Chansons delivers a simple but moving message: it is through songs that we are finally able to understand each other.' – BroadwayWorld (Helen Tope)

'A fascinating show, comfortably paced and with the right amount of history, songs and personal anecdotes, it held my attention despite me being far from fully conversant in French.' LondonTheatereHub1 – Chris Omaweng – 4 Star Review 

'And when the musical chameleon first breathes Brel's ballad "Ne me quitte pas" into the microphone for the finale of her one-woman show and then encourages the audience to sing along without restraint with her gospel show-down, these are just two of the many highlights of an intimate evening of cabaret put together with much love.' – Offenbacher Post 

'Evergreens like "Amsterdam", "L'accordéoniste" and - at the end - "Milord" made the hearts beat faster, as the stormy applause showed. Without encore the duo was not dismissed and gave the audience still "La vie en rose."' – Rheingauer Echo 

'Stefanie Rummel's choice of songs will evoke memories, collective and personal, even if they are not sung in our home language. Stefanie’s ability to connect to her audience through songs is both charming and seductive. Chansons delivers a simple but moving message: it is through songs that we are finally able to understand each other.' – BroadwayWorld (Helen Tope)   

'A European cabaret chanteuse, Jacques Brel’s Amsterdam makes an appearance, sung emphatically and with barely controlled power, as it should be. It was, all in all, a fitting tribute.' Alex Wheaton 


Further Audience voices: 

'This cultural joy needs doing.'

'It really was a wonderful show. I don’t often get an opportunity to watch or attend Cabaret’s in French!' 

'The virtual Zoom show felt like a live Cabaret performance.' 

'Soul touching'

'Brava pour votre performance et bonne chance avec votre spectacle!' 

'Amazingly, You made a cabaret atmosphere appear on Zoom despite Zoom.' 

'As a concert performance your delivery is wonderful. I wish you were on tour (virtual or actual) to all the French language and festival groups in North America.' 

The interactivity, and cultural lesson, quite winning.'   

'Quality, legendary songs with the deep meanings attached give gift of genuine benefit. As an educational music tour...anywhere.'  

'An award-winning German chanteuse performing French songs and narrating in English- Stefanie Rummel brings an evening of joie de vivre straight to your heart.' - Bob Zaslow (Children book author) 

'Stefanie Rummel is an outstanding performer with talent and personality. I have seen Chansons three times. During each experience , I have been mesmerized by Stefanie’s ability to tell stories, sing, and dance. She entices her audience to watch the show and we are hooked. I applaud Stefanie Rummel for creating Chansons - 5 stars!' - Elaine Davida Sklar (Writer of musicals - former theatre owner) 

Presented by: Stefanie Rummel & The Garage International

Multi-award winning singer & musical theatre actress Stefanie Rummel brings her musical cabaret to Australia.
Having lived in France, Germany, and the US, Stefanie shares her intercultural experiences in her show connecting to personal stories about the love of life.
“Chansons” has been invited to Reykjavik Fringe Festival, Lathi Fringe, Edinburgh Fringe, Living Records Festival & Sydney Fringe, and Adelaide Fringe.
Awards: 1st Best Chansons, 2nd Best Music Video, 2nd Best Composer, 3rd Best Musical & Folk Song. Voted finalist Intercontinental Music Award as “Best Vocalist" & won silver medal at Global Music Award.

Depending on which country she performs in she interacts with the audience either in English, French or German." Bienvenue to the intercultural heart-touching journey.

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