An Asian woman is sitting and staring into the lens of the camera, with her arms folded across her chest. She has black hair, and her head is tilted with a focused look on her face. She is wearing a sky blue short-sleeved top and a rose-gold necklace with a pendant that is only just visible. A purple tinted projection of some buildings from Malaysia is displayed onto her. The words 'HOTEL' can be seen on the bottom right corner of the image.
An Asian woman stands just off centre of the image with her gaze facing upwards. She has black hair and has a curious expression on her face. Her shadow is reflected on the right side of the image. An image of a cluster of branches against a blue, pink and and purple sky is seen projected onto the face and neck of the woman, as well as her background.
Four objects can be seen laying on a piece of grey fabric. From left to right, they are a pair of glasses, sim card, a coded lock, and a mug. The glasses have dark grey frames and red handles. The sim card is tiny in the shape of a square with a reflective surface. The coded lock is silver and reflective, and has the words "Master" on the front and a black coded spinner with white numbering. The mug is white and has the face of a cat drawn on the front, with two pointed edges on the top to signify ears. A tan-skinned hand with floral nail art is situated in between the glasses and the mug, in a curled position. Tinges of blue, purple and green are seen reflected onto the objects.

Caught In Between

Centring around an Asian-Australian experience, this multi-disciplinary theatrical work explores the possibility of existing within two worlds at once and what it means to be a migrant. This journey will combine original soundscapes, video projections, and live storytelling, to blur the lines between Malaysian and Australian cultures. As active participants, the audience is invited to travel through memories, objects and time, uncovering emotions, challenges, and decisions that can shape the lives of migrants. 
This project has been proudly supported by Carclew through its development, and is a recipient of the Adelaide Fringe Fund Grant. Join us for the world premiere of 'Caught In Between', in our quest to establish one’s cultural identity and find the meaning of true belonging.

This performance is interactive, and audiences will be invited to verbally interact with the performer on stage.

Theatre and Physical Theatre • Interactive
South Australia • World Premiere

Thu, 22 Feb - Sun, 03 Mar

60 min

Studio 166 at Goodwood Theatre and Studios

$23 to $25

M (3 Warnings)

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