Cat, Neil and Captain Fantastic

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1 Venue

Grand Central Underground at The GC - Grand Central on Angas Street

Dom Polski Centre, 232 Angas St, Adelaide, SA, 5000

Content warnings: M

Coarse Language:

Occasional, Mild

Sexual References:

Occasional, Mild

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About this event

A celebration of the music of three of the most-loved songwriters of a generation: Cat Stevens, Neil Young & Elton John. From Rocket Man, through Father & Son, Old Man and beyond, this is a show of sublime musicianship, blissful memories and high entertainment. Presented by music veteran Al Rosewarne (Joe Fish, Bald Eagles ...) and some of Adelaide's finest muso's, this is a unique musical collage in an Australian premiere season. Performed with respectful authenticity and trademark irreverence... not to be missed!

Presented by:
Alan Rosewarne

Al Rosewarne has been singing and strumming constantly for the past 53 years. He is now quite tired but plans to take a break as soon as he masters the art of barre chords or finds his capo, whichever comes first. To say he grew up with the music of Elton, Neil and Cat would be to vastly overstate his emotional maturity.