Whisky A'More's face is visible from hairline to nose. Whisky is wearing black sunglasses, but has lowered them with her right hand so that you can see her blue eyes. Whisky is looking straight at the camera. Underneath there is text saying 'there is a time to play it safe and a time for... Whisky Business, a spectacle of extraordinary burlesque and cabaret" with a black background.
Whisky is wearing a gold spiked crown and a flowing burgundy coloured robe. She is looking at the camera and holding the sides of the crown with both hands. One half of the image there is the text 'featuring Whisky A'More' on a black background.
Whisky has pink and blonde hair in faux mohawk. She is standing straight on to the camera in a gold corset with spikes around the bust area. She is holding a sword in front of her and licking the tip. One half of the image there is the text 'featuring Whisky A'More' on a black background.

CANCELLED - Whisky Business

Escape the everyday, mute the mundane, and sidestep the stale! Get ready to indulge in the extraordinary with Whisky A'More in this show where we are all about the business of pleasure.

In a world where conformity reigns, dare to break free from the ordinary. Here the night is infused with the spirit of adventure and the stage is set for a wild, uninhibited experience of burlesque and cabaret. Featuring connoisseurs of pleasure and architects of excitement, Whisky Business is where sensuality knows no bounds, laughter is contagious, and every moment is a spectacle waiting to unfold.

There’s a time for playing it safe and a time for… Whisky Business!

"Whisky A'More is almost too sexy" ★★★★ Fringefeed, 2023

Cabaret • Burlesque
Western Australia • World Premiere

Wed, 06 Mar - Sat, 16 Mar

55 min

Hades Hula House @ West Village (+1 more)


R18+ (6 Warnings)

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