The puppeteer is dressed like a fish in front of a sailing boat. Surrounded by the coral reef, a sea turtle, grouper fish, and jellyfish.
The puppeteer stands in front of a sailing boat holding two fish puppets.
The puppeteer holds a sea turtle.

CANCELLED - Pico under the Coral Sea

• Puppetry
South Australia

Pico, a world traveler, is en route to a small island in the middle of the ocean to deliver a special package to Jacques, a deep-sea adventurer. Upon arrival, she is asked to join him on his next diving expedition. On this underwater exploration, Pico meets all the wonderful and diverse creatures of the ocean. 

Why are they all leaving? 

Is the coral reef really dying? 

What will they discover? Join Pico and friends in the story of – ‘Pico under the Coral Sea’ 

Using live music, puppetry, and storytelling, Pico's Puppet Palace introduces ecological and environmental issues, innovations, and ideas. The shows are created from repurposed and recycled materials.

In-school performances are available on request.

Presented by: Pico's Puppet Palace

Pico’s Puppet Palace was established in 2016, by Sally Miller and Jesse Hamilton. Sally and Jesse have been performing together since 2002 in various musical and theatrical collaborations, most prominently in their folk duo ‘Nice Verdes’. With Pico’s Puppet Palace they create puppet shows from re-purposed and recycled materials, for contemporary young audiences and they tour nationally and internationally. Pico’s Puppet Palace aims to have their shows presented to diverse audiences globally, and through puppetry, live music and storytelling connect audiences across generations. Each show is an episode of Pico’s adventures and introduces ecological and environmental issues, innovations and ideas.