A silhouette of a small fat man with batman ears (the mascot of Phatcave) stands in front of a black background
On the left, a silhouette of a small fat man with bat man ears (the mascot of Phatcave) stands in front of a black background. On the right is Mickey D, the host of Phatcave. He has a blue mohawk and a green Adidas zip up hoodie. He is folding his arms.
Text reads, "Phatcave (Raw). The festival's cult, late-night, standup destination" Pictured is a white silhouette of a man with bat ears on a black background.

CANCELLED - PHATCAVE - Late Night Stand-Up, Winter Edition.

Born in the gritty Caves of Edinburgh, Phatcave stands as THE unmissable cult stand-up destination. It's time for the grand comeback, and we've turned everything on its head and laid it bare. As the longest-running late-night sensation on the International Fringe Festival Circuit, we're going back to our raw roots. We're bringing you an experience that's more intimate, more playful, and more quintessentially Phatcave than ever before.

If you haven't ventured into the Phatcave yet, it's high time to find out why the best comedians from around the globe return year after year to unleash their wit in the late-night underground.

One rule: WHAT HAPPENS IN THE CAVE... STAYS IN THE CAVE! Secure your tickets now and be part of the underground revolution that is Phatcave.

Comedy • Stand-up
United Kingdom

Fri, 05 Jul - Sat, 06 Jul

90 min

The Kingfisher at Glenelg Winter Arts Festival

$25 to $30

R18+ (3 Warnings)

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