Three people stand in front of a red curtain backdrop. The person in the middle is dressed in a rainbow towel and shower cap. The other two have party hats on their heads. All are screaming and confetti is falling from the ceiling.
Three people are stacked on top of each other. The person in the forefront is holding a cake and has their tongue out. There is a red curtain in the background and balloons all over the ground.
One person is held horizontal strapped into a giant white wheel. The ground is covered in balloons and there is a red curtain in the background.

CANCELLED - Party Pooper

• Circus
South Australia • World Premiere

Put on your best party hat, and wrap the presents, you’re invited to this surprise party! Wildhouse Circus infuses their exceptional circus skills with all of the classic party games you’d expect. There’ll be hula hooping, tumbling and giant German Wheel-ing on show as well as pranks, silly facial expressions and balloons popping like wild. Witness the taunts and tantrums when things don’t go to plan and the joy and happiness that comes from celebrating amongst the ones you love. You’d be a ‘Party Pooper’ to give this one a miss!

★★★★★ "thoroughly fun, energetic, and feel-good show that appeals to adults and kids alike. ” – Weekend Notes                             

Presented by: Bamboozled Productions

Bamboozled Productions are experts in delivering award-winning festival programs, world-class performances and boutique circus tents.

The Bamboozled team have a wealth of experience as festival programmers, producers, event managers, performers and venue designers, builders & managers. Born out of a meeting of minds between internationally renowned, Adelaide based performers Nigel Martin and Louise Clarke who have been successfully touring Australia and the globe for over 25 years. The pair have appeared at numerous festivals and events including Glastonbury Music Festival, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the 2012 London Olympics, Kim Tom Clown Festival (China), Tour Down Under, Melbourne Commonwealth Games as well as numerous corporate events.

Reviews & Fringefeed Reacts

  • thoroughly fun, energetic, and feel-good show that appeals to adults and kids alike. - Tema, Weekend Notes