Performer Nancy Bates stands before a fallen tree in the Belair National Park with soft afternoon sunlight shining.  She stands alone, in centre shot, dressed in a bright red jacket, blue jeans, revealing a small smile, green eyes, and curly short dark brown hair.
Performing Nancy Bates looks out at the audience who are seated, and are laughing hard at something she has just said.
Performer Nancy Bates is seated in front of a church's stained glass window with beautiful colour shining in the background.  A warm small smile on her face, wearing a black shirt, and long black and white snake earring with an Indigneous design.

CANCELLED - Nancy Bates: Still Talkin' Bout a Revolution

Music • Political
Australia • SA Premiere

Finalist in the 2021 Australian Women in Music’s Humanitarian Award , Barkindji woman, and esteemed singer-songwriter Nancy Bates reflects on the songs of Tracy Chapman, and their relevance to race relations in Australia today, delivering a 'call to action' that is impossible to ignore. 

Four years on the road with Archie Roach has spurred her on to become a powerful on-stage presence, an advocate for women, and Ambassador to the Australian Performing Rights Association.

Her powerful performances drench her audience in love, and deep dived words from a BIG heart.

Nancy will be accompanied by esteemed Adelaide based musicians to deliver an outstanding musical performance, and revolutionary experience.

"She’s like an angel dancing in the depths of hell." Abolitionist, Tabitha Lean.

Winner BankSA Best Music Award 2022


IMPORTANT INFORMATION: This event has changed venues since the guide has gone to print. 

Presented by: Deadly Management Pty Ltd

Nancy Bates is a Song Woman originating from Far Western NSW. Her Barkindji roots, the transformative power of love over pain, and what it means to be a woman in the 21st century drive her soulful, moving song writing.

Whether on a global stage with Archie Roach, or writing songs with incarcerated women, Nancy uses her music to share her country, her culture, and her personal experience with the world in the hopes of making it better.

“Music is a way for me to give voice to the voiceless, and to open the hearts and minds of people in the world to the plight of Indigenous people, women, and children.”
Four years on the road with arguably Australia’s most compelling and talented writers and performers, Archie Roach, has left an undeniable imprint on Bates' original compositions.

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