Robert exasperated acting like an ape.
Robert McNamara crying and sad...acting like an ape wearing a hat and suit.
Robert McNamara acting like an ape wearing a hat and suit.

CANCELLED - Franz Kafka's "Report to an Academy"

★★★★★ "Stimulating and entertaining…McNamara's role is as demanding for him as it is rewarding for the audience." — DC Metro Theater Arts

★★★★★ "McNamara keeps the audience entranced; every word is rich with the character's unique perspective." — Washington City Paper

This provocative drama features actor/director Robert McNamara (USA).An intelligent ape named Red Peter is captured on an African hunt and sent to Europe on a ship. To effect his survival, Peter learns to mimic and imitate the ship’s crew from his cage. By evolving to behave like a human, he devises an escape. Ultiamtely, Peter presents his fascinating tale of transformation—and the horrid details of his former ape life—to a scientific Academy. This play will compel you to ponder the issues of free will and animal rights.

Theatre and Physical Theatre • Absurdist
International • Australian Premiere

Fri, 16 Feb - Wed, 13 Mar

60 min

The Warehouse Theatre


M15+ (3 Warnings)

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