An older man wearing a hat and long coat sits on top of a vintage suitcase and smiles. In the background, a younger actor peers at him through theatre curtains.
An older man wearing a vintage hat and holding a saxophone smiles.
A man dressed in old-fashioned suit sits on an armchair with a pile of vintage suitcases in front of him. He is pointing at something we can't see.


A well-dressed man places three old suitcases on stage. "Each of these cases contains a story", he tells the audience. "Which one do you want me to open?" So begins 'Cases', a virtuoso storytelling performance that weaves together ideas about truth, desire and authenticity with some smokin’ live music.

Written and directed by Helen Hopcroft, 'Cases' stars multi-instrumentalist and actor Tony Jozef. Every performance is unique, depending on which cases the audience chooses to open. And each of the stories is narrated by a memorable character from three radically different worlds. 

Theatre and Physical Theatre • Music
New South Wales • SA Premiere

Thu, 07 Mar - Sun, 10 Mar

60 min

Studio 166 at Goodwood Theatre and Studios

$25 to $35

M (2 Warnings)

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