John Peacock stands on a red carpet in front of red curtains holding a carpet cleaning wand.
John Peacock exploding hands
John Peacock on stage in black and white

CANCELLED - Carpet Diem

John Peacock's excellent show Carpet Diem is coming to the Adelaide. Following it's sell-out debut at Brisbane's Good Chat Comedy Festival, it's time to hit the road. Telling the story of a mid-life career change where the 2012 Australian Carpet Cleaner of The Year became a Stand Up Comedian. Life challenges, finding out who and what you love, following your dreams, working on your mental health. You won't believe what he found in a lady's laundry tub but might find out how to remove a coffee spill.

Being a carpet cleaner gives John a lot of time alone with his wand to contemplate the World. It's not perfect (The World that is) but he has a plan. 52 years of age, with middle-aged spread, social anxiety and possible gluten intolerance.  It's time for John Peacock to Carpet Diem.

Comedy • Stand-up
New South Wales • SA Premiere

Fri, 23 Feb - Sat, 09 Mar

50 min

Upstairs at The Howling Owl (+1 more)

$17.50 to $25

M15+ (2 Warnings)

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