CANCELLED - A Secret Soiree with Desert Showgirls - 3 dancers pose in gold costumes

CANCELLED - A Secret Soiree with Desert Showgirls

With svelte poise and a flirtatious blend of bold, breezy and elegant power, Veronica Love embodies the enigmatic glittery showgirl from the heart of Australia. Lured to the stage by the soft glow of footlights and the brassy tone of a big band beat, Veronica is joined by the Desert Diamonds in a late night romp of desert couture and starlit dreams.

Light, flirty and glistening with star quality, femme fatale meets queens of desert dynamism in a rendouzvous evoking old Hollywood and sultry sass. Take a peek into the world of the Desert Diamonds, and the boudior of Veronica Love.

Northern Territory • World Premiere

Thu, 14 Mar - Sat, 16 Mar

40 min

Hades Hula House @ West Village


R18+ (3 Warnings)

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