Can't Be Tamed

Theatre and Physical Theatre • Contemporary

Who does Miley Cyrus think she is?

Let’s get one thing straight(ish): this is not a cabaret or a f*cking sing-a-long. Can’t Be Tamed is an anti-biography told by the artist formerly known as Hannah Montana. A surreal un-becoming of age that begins with molly and ends somewhere deep in the Miley mindverse. Tumbling down a psychedelic rabbit hole, Miley confronts her selves in all their messy sexuality, cultural appropriation, transcendence, love, nipple pasties... oh, and feminism. Then there’s the question she can’t seem to shake: just who the f*ck am I?

Can’t Be Tamed is a 3am, greened-out D’n’M on the nature of persona, performance and identity with Miley Cyrus as your spirit guide. 

Direct from sell-out shows in Melbourne Fringe Festival!

Presented by: Canine Connect

Canine Connect is a leading dog training and behaviour team operating around Adelaide that focuses on bringing fun back to dog training. Aleisha & Scott are two professional canine training and behaviour specialists improving the connection between dogs and their guardians. Canine Connect is nationally accredited and recognised in behaviour and training. Canine Connect's new workshop program, Canine Carnivale, is an Australian first program, fighting fear with fun and creating confidence with cool.